The Shadowforged

Protect My Balls!

When Ghosts Get Too Fondly

Our adventurers traveled to the edge of town, making sure to not be noticed, but surprisingly met up with a Dragonborn Warlord. As they approached the gate to the run down manor, the coin in Jaqks pocket burned. Upon taking it out of his satchel, Jaqk’s hand glowed and the gates to the manor were flung open. Vor’Thoth’s key was indeed such. Upon entering the grand hallway, the troupe explored a little and went through the left archway. Barricades lined the hall leading past magically locked doors, to end at a single oaken door. Upon examination the room beyond was found to be the den of local vampires that had been plauging the town. Killing two and noticing the third had escaped, the group moved back to the main hall and took the right archway. A grand dining table set with fresh ghostly food, greeted our travelers. Voltron the dragonborn, made his way to the mirror at the end of the table and looked within. The mirror reflected the room and instead of being empty showed a ghostly party. Upon turning around the group notices they are now trapped against the far wall with hostile ghosts wanting their blood. In the ensuing battle Jaqk and Garren each use their skills reliably, but Voltron, unused to such sights was a little put off at first doing little damage. As the battle grew fiercer and bloodier, Voltron was severley wounded, taking up his newly found magical sword that belonged to the ancient family who lived there before the lich, Voltron cut his way through.

After resting and noticing the mirror had a crack in it, the party ventured through secret passage in the mirror to the manor’s basement. Upon entering a small laboratory, the coin in Jaqk’s satchel again grew hot. Taking it out of his pack, Jaqk quickly lost the coin as it flew and rested upon the chest of a recently deceased townsperson. “Vor’Thoth again sees you adventurers.” the corpse spoke. “I am not here to harm you, for I bring a dire warning and prophecy. The balance of order and chaos in the cosmos is turning, the planes are in turmoil, will be in turmoil have been in turmoil.” The lich makes little sense as his prophetic din is silenced by Jaqk. “Why do we care, you tried to kill us.” The lich cocked its head. “Indeed I did. You have no point. But I tell you this because if the astral, celestial and abyssal planes are inbalanced then your realm will be affected. The boundries of chaos and order will spill over and all you know will be destroyed. The coin grew silent and slid off the chest of the deceased. Apparently it could only speak through the dead as mediums.

Making their way upstairs to the second floor, the group plans to put their magical gems in the eyes of the twin statue of the great general Vashmir. However unnoticed by the group, the vampire had stolen one of the gems and was ritually preparing the statue to be an Iron Defender homoculous. Jaqk charged forwards throwing a Dazzling Ray instantly killing the vampire, and enraging the defender. Garren took the chance to sumersault forwards and land ontop of the Defender, prying out the eye with his knife. Noticing the alter shimmer, they took it that doors were no longer magically sealed. The adventurers searched around and came across a seemingly bottomless pit, and a room with a stone cairn. Upon moving the slab the group found a magical bow that had belonged to General Vashmir.The door next over contained a room of mirrors that when approached with the coin of Vor’Thoth grew dark. Flames shot out of the mirrors and shadows moved behind smoke, untill Jaqk wisely threw the coin outside the room, causing such Abyssal magics to cease.

Back in the main hall, Lt. Strum encountered the troupe and was prepared to take them off to a holding jail, untill Voltron, his underling told of the deeds they had done, such as the defeat of the vampires. Lt. Strum taken aback allowed them free reign but were not allowed to leave the city till the investigation was complete. Our heroes took up a room in the nearby Ragged Sheep, the second cheapest bar in town.



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