The Shadowforged

Hey Hey Lets Go!

The Cheapest!

In the midst of Stormhold, two eladrin met. After feeling each other out and finding something more than the dregs of civilization that surrounded them, they headed to the Rumpled Calf, the cheapest of bars, but not before the tall one burned down a starving dog that was partially in their way.

Such actions have consequences, and as the people scattered, Lieutenant Strom was told of the disturbance. As the eladrin sat and drank, noticed by an elvish wanderer in the corner, the Lieutenant arrived. After a bit of a stand-off, and instruction to avoid such displays in the future, the Lieutenant left, but not before inadvertently alerting the eladrin pair to a snitch in their midst. After threatening and mild torture, they sent him on his way, having found out nothing more than the Lieutenant’s name.

A street gang who had heard of these new tough guys arrived at the tavern looking for a good fight. They certainly weren’t looking to kill anyone. But they got more than they bargained for when the eladrins unleashed their magic upon them, the mysterious elf in the corner let loose his blades, and the newly arrived paladin of Ioun sandwiched them.

Fleeing from the law, Jaqk an Eladrin sorcerer with a simple Chinese rice hat, and Garren a wandering elvish ranger find themselves escaping with their lives. Barely.



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